Dan Hoolahan is a product and furniture designer based in Liverpool, UK. Dan is influenced by functionality, usability and the way people interact with the things around them. He is driven by the belief that products should be made to last and still be used in many years to come.

Each product has its own story and its own reason for existing but all follow the same process. Starting with an observation, a problem or question and ending with a relevant solution. The materials used are chosen for their suitability to their intended purpose. Each product is produced in small batches or made to order, designed and crafted entirely in the UK, in-house or using local facilities, and where possible materials are sourced from local suppliers.

In 2015, Dan was selected as one of the Design Councils 70 'Ones to Watch' for his project, Freeform.

ones to watch





Freeform - Ten Thirteen

Freeform - Five Seventy

Freeform - Four Fifty




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