Dan Hoolahan is a product and furniture designer, based near Liverpool, UK. He graduated from University College Falmouth in 2011 before working as a designer for Rethinkthings as well as various freelance projects in design, illustration and motion graphics.
In 2013, Dan began designing products to launch under his own brand, driven by a belief that products should be designed and made to be kept and for a long life span.
Dan aims to create products and furniture with quality materials, high functionality and that have a real presence in their users lives.
Each product has its own story and is the result of experimenting with materials, techniques and form. They are then produced in small batches using both handmade techniques and digital technologies, whether in the workshop or by a carefully selected manufacturer.





Ten Thirteen - Shelving/Table

Five Seventy - Table/Stool

Four Fifty - Low Table/Stool